It's not if you get termites, it's when.
Do you want damage from underground invaders eating your newly built home's wood structure framing, drywall paper, cabinets, wood trim or anything else wood related?

easy as 1, 2 ,3
  1. 2. Inspect
    Authorized and licensed termite control technician inspects your home annually for subterranean termite activity.
  2. 3. Control
    When termite activity is detected, licensed tech can connect to the built-in termite control equipment under the floor of your home to treat against the invasion.
  3. 1. Secure
    Secure your TERMITE CONTROL PLAN before or at closing of your newly built home then keep it valid and active by remaining current annually to ensure protection.


plan smart now
or pay BIG later
average treatment & repair = $9000+*

termites damage 100's of thousands 
of U.S. homes annually =
billions in treatment & repair costs
not covered by homeowners insurance
  1. starts @ ground level framing
    starts @ ground level framing
  2. wood trim & cabinets
    wood trim & cabinets
  3. wood floors
    wood floors
  4. ground level exterior
    ground level exterior
  5. framing and window sills
    framing and window sills
  6. attic roof rafters
    attic roof rafters
  7. structure / advanced activity
    structure / advanced activity
  8. "taken over" / advanced activity
    "taken over" / advanced activity
  9. drywall paper damage
    drywall paper damage
  10. wood framing structure
    wood framing structure

* Avg. repairs: $7,184 from 2011 survey by Decision Analysts for TMX of independent contractors in the TMX network.  Estimated national avg. treatment $2,275 via